Sign up

  • Set Bluetooth permission and tap “スタート START”
  • Enter Phone Number(user ID)
  • Enter your name and set a password
  • Enter the received passcode for SMS authentication

Download Door-keys

After permission for door access from the web App, Mobile App downloads the secret key data.

Unlock doors

  1. Downloaded Door-keys appear on the list of Key modes (1st tab) and Key list(2nd tab).
  2. At first, by tapping the Door-Key button in Key Mode, the App starts to share the secret key with the access controller.
  3. When it succeeds, the controller unlocks the door.

This App doesn’t use Bluetooth native paring. While the App unlocks the door, the Bluetooth connection is opened. (it is not necessary to keep a Bluetooth connection.)

Authentication sequence
  1. Connect to the access controller via Bluetooth
  2. Authenticate secret key
  3. Disconnect from the access controller

Unlock doors in touch-mode

After permission for door access from the web App, Mobile App downloads the secret key data. Unlock “touch-mode” and “hands-free-mode” using iBeacon monitoring. After detecting the beacon, the App starts to connect the access controller via Bluetooth.
If users use touch-mode or hand-free-mode, it is necessary to configure “Location Always Usage permission”.

Separate type hardware

The bottom right white device is the main access controller. The upper right black and white devices are the Bluetooth reader.
The Bluetooth reader connecting to the main access controller with wire is set on the wall by the door.

Unlock doors in hands-free-mode

Users can change Unlock touch mode to handsfree-mode.
Select Key list(2nd tab) > “Use Handsfree-unlock(ハンズフリー解錠に切り替え)”

Test key

The test key is used during the construction period.

  1. Select ” config” > “QR Scan”.
  2. Test key scanned from QR code appears on the list of Key Mode(1st tab) and Key list(2nd tab).
Built-in hardware

This white device is the main access controller mounting Bluetooth module.

Owner Registration

After this operation, the App user gets the web App owner account. The owner can permit door access to other App users.

  1. Select ” config” > “QR Scan”.
  2. After a long push, the controller button and beep, tap the App button “登録開始”.
  3. When the authentication succeeds, this mobile account is available for sign-in to the web App that manages door permission for other app users.

Unlock doors via the internet

When the access controller connects to WiFi networks, the mobile app can unlock doors via the internet.

WiFi settings

  1. Select ” config” > “Option menu(ビジネスタイプ設定)” > “Business type(ビジネスタイプ設定)
  2. Sign in with web App ID+PW
  3. Select “Building name” and “Door”, tap “Start connecting(本体と通信、ログ保存)”
  4. Set SSID+PW to the access controller

Unlock the door via the internet

  1. Select the Key list(2nd tab) and the door
  2. Tap “Remote control via the internet”
  3. Tap “Unlock the door”